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Coffer - the most effective form of advertising, gives high visibility and rememberability, but only if it is done professionally. Light attracts the attention of customers.

It is characterized by durability, elegance and visual aesthetics. Thanks to the appropriate connections, this frame made of lumps is a uniform form. Graphics are milled and glued plexiglass of a suitable color, which gives depth and 3D effect. Thanks to such a solution, the logo of the coffer is highlighted only, which effectively attracts the attention of potential customers.

Choosing lighting is an important issue before creating a coffer, that's why we choose the light sources to be economical, effective and adapted to the given advertisement. Plexi gives the chance to form an unlimited number of shapes, which is why the PLEXI coffer is also a solution when you're looking for a remarkable form to emphasize the nature of your business.

Additional information files:

The main functions of the panels:



Increasing competitiveness

Creating the image.

We offer

ABasing on a brief (Your guidelines) we will design a innovative project, creative POSM product. The project includes: visualisation, technical description; including information such as: used raw materials, gauge, possible load... and the price for given quantity. It is very important what information we receive form You, which influences the accuracy of your expectations and the process of design. Nonetheless, we can always help you and design a few projects from which you can choose your favourite.

BMaking the prototype of the new POSM product can help us correct any small errors and test whether the project will fulfil all the assumptions.
In MAKTO, we don’t skip any steps and components and if a occasion occurs- we improve the product. The prototype should be a copy of later products in a series. The only exception is very costly great for example: form to plastic production using the injection method or offset print.

CLegal protection in a form of prolonged agreement protecting both parties, including the copy rights regulation to the newly created POSM product.

DUntil a given deadline fulfilling the contract of mass production according to the created prototype and technical project.

EDelivery of packed and secured product to the given location and if needed, assembly of the new POSM product in any given place where the profit is to be displayed.