About us

About usOur team is your employees

Why we Simple values lead us:

We want to be conscientious and responsible. Strive for perfection in everything we do.
Continuously learn to be professionals. Co-create unique products with you.
Be close to customers, listen carefully to their needs to keep their promises and take personal responsibility for the results of work.
Above all, be a deadline because we know that your success depends on it.
The recipe for success is hard work, but it is for us to create products pure pleasure.

We offer

A service arranged for a specific need
Access to modern solutions
Free mixing of technologies and materials
Preserving the competitiveness of the price and the efficiency of their spending

We can do

Make your product visible
Design both cosmic and budget
Choose the production technology to the effect of the assumed budget
Work systematically
Extinguish fires
Keep to the deadline

Our strengths:

Cutting and welding
Flexing and gluing
Printing and pasting